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Structural construction design structural construction engineering, building design includes all structural design associated with the design of buildings and structures. It is a branch of structural design that is closely related to architecture.
Structural civil engineering today, structural civil engineering, along with architectural engineering, is one of the most common areas in construction and architecture.

Structural strengths
Itis a concept in structural engineering and mechanics, one of the characteristics of buildings and structures. Indicates the strength of the construction material, taking into account structural, technological and operational factors. Structural strength can be determined by four main criteria: the mechanical rigidity of the structure, the strength of the material, and the reliability and durability of the structure.
High strength by itself is not yet a sufficient indicator of the quality of the material and its suitability for the manufacture of a particular structure. To ensure the operability of the material, a combination of sufficiently high indicators of strength, ductility, a low temperature threshold for brittleness, and the like is necessary. In this regard, in modern technology, together with the strength indicators obtained during standard tests of samples, which are a characteristic of the so-called total strength of the material, they use such a concept as structural strength, which is understood as a set of indicators that determine the performance of a material in a particular structure under given conditions exploitation.

Criteria for assessing structural strenght
The general principles for choosing criteria for assessing structural strength is the analogy of the type of stress state in test samples and products; the conditions of testing samples and operating conditions, as well as the nature of destruction and the type of destruction in the sample and product. Our structural engineering consultants will help you to highlight the most important aspects that will most affect the quality of the finished product. As a result of mechanical testing of standardized samples of materials using testing machines, the following characteristics are obtained:
  • energy.
  • power
  • deformational elongation, contraction